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A Brief History of the Selfie

Selfie is the slang term for self-portrait, a photograph you take of yourself, usually taken using a mirror or with a camera held at arms length. The act of taking and sharing selfies has become widely popular due to digital cameras, the internet, the ubiquity of social media platforms like Facebook and, of course, because of peoples endless fascination with their own image. The word selfie was even chosen as the Word of the Year in 2013 by the Oxford English Dictionary, which has the following entry for the word: A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website. History of the Self Portrait So who took the first selfie? In discussing the invention of the first selfie, we have to first pay homage to the film camera and the early history of photography. In photography, self-portraits were taking place long before the invention of Facebook and smartphones. One example is American photographer Robert Cornelius, who took a self portrait daguerreotype (first practical process of photography) of himself in 1839. The image is also considered one of the earliest photographs of a person. In 1914, 13-year-old Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna took a self-portrait using a Kodak Brownie box camera (invented in 1900) and sent the photograph to a friend with the following note I took this picture of myself looking at the mirror. It was very hard as my hands were trembling. Nikolaevna appears to have been the first teenager to take a selfie. So Who Invented the First Selfie?   Australia has laid claim to inventing the modern-day selfie. In September 2001, a group of Australians created a website and uploaded the first digital self-portraits onto the internet. On September 13, 2002, the first recorded published use of the term selfie to describe a self-portrait photograph occurred on the Australian internet forum (ABC Online). The anonymous poster wrote the following, along with posting a selfie of himself: Um, drunk at a mates 21st, I tripped over and landed lip first (with front teeth coming a very close second) on a set of steps. I had a hole about 1cm long right through my bottom lip. And sorry about the focus, it was a selfie. A Hollywood cameraman named Lester Wisbrod claims he is the first person to take celebrity selfies, (a self-taken photo of himself and a celebrity) and has been doing so since 1981. Medical authorities have begun to associate the taking of too many selfies as a potentially unhealthy sign of mental health issues. Take the case of 19-year-old Danny Bowman, who attempted suicide after failing to take what he considered the perfect selfie. Bowman was spending most of his waking hours taking hundreds of selfies every day, losing weight and dropping out of school in the process. Becoming obsessed with taking selfies is often a sign of body dysmorphic disorder, an anxiety disorder about personal appearance. Danny Bowman was diagnosed with this condition. Source Pearlman, Jonathan. Australian man invented the selfie after drunken night out. The Telegraph, November 19, 2013, Sydney, Austalia. Selfie named by Oxford Dictionaries as word of 2013. BBC News, November 19, 2013. Shontell, Alyson. This Photo From 1900 Might Be The Oldest Selfie Ever Taken (And It Wasn’t Easy To Pull Off). October 28, 2013.

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Gender, Gender And Gender Roles - 1829 Words

Gender socialization often begins early once parents are shown the sex of their child; from then on, baby showers are planned according to gender â€Å"appropriate† colors, which are often pink for girls and blue for boys. Even differences in how children are spoke to can be picked up easily in Western cultures. Girls are called pretty and sweet, whereas boys are handsome and strong. Ultimately, the way children learn to identify with their gender culture is in part due to not only family and friends, media, schools, and religion, but also from the toys that may inexplicitly advertise gender expectations. Gender-typed toys may be bought for children as a way for parents to encourage and reinforce gender-appropriate behaviors. However, recent debates have engulfed toy manufacturers and major retailers, which has brought about changes in toy design and marketing in an effort to make reflect more realistic and gender neutral options. Gender Differences Gender should not be intertwined with the term sex, which refers to the physical differences in individuals. Instead, gender is the idea of being male or female, and it is well understood by the time children reach the preschool years. Differences in gender become more pronounced as children age, and societal expectations are reinforced by parents and peers. Behavioral differences may be evident since parents may treat their child differently according to gender. A big example of this is how parents may react to a child’s firstShow MoreRelatedGender, Gender And Gender Roles1437 Words   |  6 Pages Gender roles play an important role in society whether it is for good or for bad. These roles have been placed in society since the beginning of time. The term gender is socially created and it therefore categorizes men from women. How is gender defined, and what makes it different from the term sex? â€Å"†¦sex refers to the biological characteristics th at distinguish women and men: sex chromosomes, reproductive organs, sex-specific hormones, and physical characteristics†¦Gender†¦ refers to the socialRead MoreGender Roles : Gender And Gender1587 Words   |  7 Pagesbetween gender and sex. Sex is anatomical and biological. Gender role can be defined as a person’s inner sense of how a male or female should feel and behave. Culture and society are two important factors in relation to this particular topic. This implies that various societies and cultures may produce children and later fully grown men and women who may have diverse perspectives of a man or a woman’s place or role in the world around them; this is often determined by their culture’s gender stereotypesRead MoreGender, Gender And Gender Roles844 Words   |  4 PagesSociety has institutionalized gender roles since the beginning of time, a common one is that women are the nurturers and housekeepers, while men are the breadwinners of househ old. In spite of centuries, and fighting for women s rights, such as the right to vote in the late 1920s. Women still have roles to fulfill, even in a modern society that is dominated by a virtual world. Gender identification has multiplied from that of men and women, to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ)Read MoreGender, Gender And Gender Roles1110 Words   |  5 Pagesbelieve gender is only based on being male or female. People believe gender is based on the physical and biological differences between women and men. Over the last few years, the term gender has changed. When some people believe gender is being male or female. Most people associate gender with gender roles and how people are supposed to function or perform based on society’s expectations. In other words, people believe males and females have to behave according to their gender or gender roles to beRead MoreGender, Gender And Gender Roles863 Words   |  4 PagesGender can sometimes be seen as biological characteristics humans have, when in fact it is the social characteristic ones society deems either masculine or feminine. Sex, on the other hand, is the biological differences in humans, for example, hormones and sex organs. People usually play gender roles in society, otherwise known as gender ideology. Gender ideology is when men and women have certain attitudes regarding their ‘fixed’ roles, responsibilities and rights. Throughout history men and womenRead MoreGender, Gender And Gender Roles1225 Words   |  5 Pagesoptions related to gender conduct. Male gender roles are instilled early on in childhood. As men meet these unwritten expectations they acquire acceptance from other men, attain potential mates, increase self-esteem and increase social status. This in part is called the socialization process. These benefits reinforce men to continue with this as their standard. What are these unwritten rules that are nurtured and taught so crucially by f amily and friends? Traditional gender roles are what determineRead MoreGender, Gender And Gender Roles Essay1823 Words   |  8 Pagesclearly determined line from both involving parties reveals to us the ancient war of genders. A society which has overcome many social indifferences yet gender roles is a highly controversial and complicated topic. It seems this generation is caught in the crossfire of the final frontier of this ancient war. An increase in fundamental changes in gender roles is resulting in manipulating society and altering gender boundaries; females are breaking out of traditional restraints. As with all changesRead MoreGender, Gender And Gender Roles2086 Words   |  9 PagesGender refers to being male or female. It is usually used to determine the cultural and social difference between men and women. Gender roles are expectations of how males and females should behave, what attitudes they should have, what activities they should do and etc. according to their culture (Witt, 2016). Years ago, males and females had specific roles that separated them from each other. Males were known to go hunting to provide food for the family, and females were to stay at home andRead MoreGender Roles And Gender Role844 Words   |  4 PagesGender Roles can be defined as roles society expects people to play on account of their sex life. Like all roles, gender roles are made up of sets of expectations, so they can be thought of as sets of expirations, so they can be thought of as sets of expectation that are attached to sex.(pp: 220 John E. Farley Michael W. Flota). The key word gender role affects me personally because as recent graduate of high school it’s time for me to go into the real world, of working class gender role of theRead MoreGender Roles And Gender Role Essay784 Words   |  4 Pagessession, I will discuss the gender roles in my family. The definition of gender role is the degree to which a person adopts the gender-specific behaviors ascribed by his or her culture (Matsumoto, D. R., Juang 2013, 156). For example, traditional gender roles recommend that males are aggressive, angry, and unemotional. It goes further and explains that the male should leave the home every day to make a living and be the main wage earner. The traditional gender role for the female purpose is to

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Week Presentation Notes Free Essays

People with psych problems Like depression and anxiety have Increased likely hood of â€Å"bad trips† Hallucinogenic Properties: -Hallucinations (no rope on table, but a snake is on the table) -Illusion (rope on table is a snake) -Delusions (fixed false belief) -Interrogated Amnesia (Wake up next day, can not remember what happened) – Kinesthesia (crossing of the senses, see sounds, hear colors etc†¦ ) Hallucinogens and Brain Chemicals -Serotonin (5-HTH Receptor) -Some effect on dopamine, nor-epinephrine, acetylene’s) sleep, Serotonin depleted brain afterward Physical Effects Increased Blood Pressure/Heart Rate -Inseminating -Blurred Vision -Enlarged Pupils -Sweating -Diarrhea -Muscle Cramps -Dehydration After effects of usage: -Confusion -Fatigue -Depression -Damaged Serotonin Neurons (with frequent abuse) Serotonin depletion (For next 2 weeks) Includes numbness in emotions LSI – 1938 Sand’s Pharmaceuticals FBI tested as a mind control drug in sass Timothy Leary, sass way to get in touch with your feelings sass resurgence of use, with the advent of the rave (urban people in ass/ass, and homosexuals) sass much more into high school/teenage use Northern California is where most USA LSI made in alcohol type solution, put it on blotter paper 1 1 lbs of material can supply the entire country Slows reaction times and Judgment, suicide in bad trips, confusion causes suicide also. Ecstasy The most popular drug currently, mix of amphetamine and psychedelic, sass use for weight loss. SASS psychiatrist studied use in treatment of PATS, patients reported it helped them get in tough with their feelings and explore the traumas DEAD in mid sass outlawed it sass rave scene Effects; Energy, empathy, love, dance, sexual desire southwest raves, 2-3 day long dances, 2-3 people die from temp issue Not taken then sat on couch or as only drug at the same time Mostly pill form. We will write a custom essay sample on Week Presentation Notes or any similar topic only for you Order Now No regulation, made in homemade lab, no idea what is in it, sometimes put ephedrine, or PC. Sometimes just pure chalk. Unpredictable, next day very depressed/suicidal, tolerance, mental ere high, physically not so much. Astatine, anesthetic, put you out of surgery, vets use it, most of the time people steal from medical. Euphoria, no pain, lots of amnesia, used as date rape drug PC also anesthetic, not usually used in medicine anymore, unpredictable, bizarre behavior, very hard to titrated the dose, from pleasant to seizures etc.. Aggression and suicide Are they addictive, generally more psychological addictive then physical, but do have some physical. Can they cause psych disorders? Thought about cause of psychotic disorders or dementia, it is possible, there is a higher risk Main danger is the increase in teenage use, 1 in 10 have used in the last month, they are cheap, easy to hide, don’t realize the seriousness of the drugs. Are they treatable? No med BUT treatment centers do treat. Usually go because of another drug. Change of lifestyle is important for treatment, no more raves or clubs it is easier to abstain. Controversy of Astatine in psychiatry, can give for acute suicidal, immediate assistance. Can divert a lot of hospitalizing for suicidal ideation. Can be opening Pander’s box, mainly because of drug seeking. Inhalants Todd Clement, MD Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist Inhalant abuse, 1000 commonly used household items also laughing gas, sometimes even gasoline vapors! Active ingredient is Talking, very damaging to the brain, very cheap to obtain or have around the house. Dangerous for children How it’s Done -Sniffing (directly from container) -Huffing (soaking rag and then putting in mouth, socks, gloves) -Bagging (spray in bag then breath in) -Ballooning (in Balloon similar to bagging) -Spraying (spray into mouth into the throat) -Sleeking (spray it or pour it into cuff, and can use throughout the day) 12-17 largest users, 4th most abused substance (behind alcohol, nicotine, marijuana) in 4 High School say they have used, 1 in 10 8th graders have tried What made you start? A friend or older kid talked into it Hispanic kids particular at risk, and Kids that spend a lot of time home alone Children/teens don’t usually note the risk Young adults also use, low social-economic status and less educated, may be because they are a cheap high â€Å"Quick Drunk† few seconds to get to brain Mental Effects -Mood Elevation -Reduced Inhibitions -Excitement -Impulsiveness -â€Å"out of Body’ experiences -Drowsiness/laryngitis -Dizziness -Slurred Speech -Balance Problems Dreamy stupor at high doses- violent or suicidal High lasts only about 30 minutes After use irritable headache tired DANGERS -Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome (Suffocation/Asphyxiation, displace 02 in brain) – Asphyxia from vomiting -Coma -Seizures -Suicide -Brain Damage (brain uses 25% of 02 supply, cutting off even for a few minutes will kill cells) Sends signal to heart, so increase Blood flow (increased HER and BP), small capillaries will pop from surge, then 3-4 cells di e since that is the only feed for them. Outline: Is the toxic substances, can destroy the mainline sheath, that helps it work eight, like electrical lines and there coverings, Brain looks like an MS patients, Can damage hearing vision and cerebellum (destroys balance) Nitrates: sometime also toxic substances 12-17 brain still develops, so can derail developments Brain damage, hearing loss, sense of smell, damage speech, heart attack, Nausea/ Vomiting, Liver damage, kidney damage, Bad pain quickly, not Just 12-17 years old getting addicted, Dental Field or Anesthesiologist abuse nitrous, Long Term Effects – Permanent Memory Problems, dementia at early age, effects hippo-campus (helps consolidate memories) Tremors Balance Problems Emotional Instability Can it be treated, yes BUT, most treatment centers don like, due to failure rate, and long term recovery needs, really a gateway for other use How can I keep my Child safe? Know what is in your house, keep it out of there reach and keep an inventory, educate your children of dangers, know what they are doing especially if they are home alone ALTO, know where they are spending their money Bottom line, know your kids and watch them Patient with problems, encourage them to get help, intensive outpatient treatment is good. How do I know if my child is using? Chemical odor on breath/clothes -Rags or empty aerosol cans -Paint Stains on clothes/body -slurred speech/poor balance, appearing drunk -change in personality -Change in Grades Prescription Drug Abuse Michael R. Eyeless, MD Eyeless and Crawford Consulting ACE Addictions and Recovery Series This is probably the one that goes to church on Sundays. How to cite Week Presentation Notes, Papers

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Why Study Material Science Essay Sample free essay sample

A Revolutionary and Interdisciplinary FieldThe universe is in the center of a stuffs revolution. Materials scientific discipline and technology has transformed every facet of modern life. Progresss in engineered stuffs are important to the continued verve of infinite industries. Our section is at the bosom of this revolution. Progresss in stuffs have preceded about every major technological spring since the beginning of civilisation. Materials scientific discipline and technology is an interdisciplinary field. We explore the scientific basicss of stuffs. their design and their processing for existent universe applications. We apply the basic rules of chemical science and natural philosophies to understand the construction and belongingss of stuffs. We design procedures to pull strings stuffs to run into the demands of modern engineering. Progresss in stuffs have preceded about every major technological spring since the beginning of civilisation. Examples of our current research inclu de: * Developing biomaterials for tissue technology* Ceramicss for energy applications* Complexs and metals for aerospace* Computational techniques for stuffs development* Eco-materials for green engineerings* Genetically engineered molecules and semiconducting materials for electronics* Magnetic stuffs for information storage* Polymers for telecommunications and solar energy A focal point on nanotechnology thrusts many of our current research attempts and we are a nucleus spouse in several collaborative research centres. Fixing our pupils for the broad assortment of occupations that await them is our highest precedence. Our alumnuss find employment in the aerospace. automotive. biomedical. chemical. building. electronics. energy and telecommunication industries. We are proud to put the foundations for successful callings in many sectors of the economic system. from academe to industry. An Accredited. Successful Department We offer an ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science ( BS ) plan. The section has graduated the highest figure of undergraduate pupils per module member among materials-related equal sections countrywide. We offer undergraduate pupils a extremely personal and experience-driven acquisition environment. Unique facets of our plan include the followers: * active pupil professional organisations* several scholarships* a diverse pupil organic structure* little category size* hands-on. team-based acquisition* undergraduate research undertakings* a combined BS/MS plan for well-qualified undergraduate pupilsWe plan to upgrade our undergraduate acquisition labs to assist fix the following coevals of stuffs scientists and applied scientists for calling chances in the twenty-first century. Student Demographics* 114 bachelor’s grades awarded from 2005 to 2008* 89 undergraduates enrolled in 2008 20 % adult females. 7 % international pupils. 2 % underrepresented minorities ExcellenceOur undergraduate pupils won a assortment of awards and scholarships between 2005 and 2008. including several NSF undergraduate research families. UWEB scholarships. UW Mary Gates Scholars. Washington Promise scholarships. SAMPE scholarships. a NASA Space Grant. a National Defense Medal and regular first-place coatings in national bridge- and wing-building and ceramic mug-drop competitions. Six Reasons to Study Materials Engineering or Materials Science in the Department of Materials Engineering @ Monash University Materials Engineering and Materials Science is an interesting. multi-disciplinary country to analyze In analyzing stuffs. there are elements of natural philosophies. mathematics. biological science and chemical science. all taught in a cohesive. and self-contained manner within the class. This makes for a varied and stimulating experience. giving you the tools to do a existent difference in industry and research. Some of the subjects prominent at the minute are biomaterials. nanomaterials. advanced fabrication. smart stuffs. complexs. energy coevals and storage. green and sustainable stuffs. There are tonss of occupations in the country of stuffs scientific discipline and technology The ability to make new stuffs and to do existing stuffs perform better is the cardinal to many progresss in countries of scientific discipline and technology. be it in industry o r research organisations. There are smaller Numberss of stuffs alumnuss than other subjects which. combined with a strong demand from industry and research for these people. means that most of our pupils get good occupations in their concluding twelvemonth. Some of the companies that have employed our alumnuss are Airbus. Arthur Andersen. Alcoa. BASF. Bluescope Steel. BHP Biliton. CSIRO. Dow. DSTO. Esso. Exxon Mobil. Ford. Holden. Huntsman Chemical. Kraft. Moldflow. Maunsell. Melbourne Water. Nissan. Orica. Olex Cables. Qenos. Telstra. Smith and Nephew. Toyota and Webforge. to call a few. Analyzing Materials at Monash provides first-class accomplishments for a broad scope of occupations We frequently read in the newspaper about the accomplishments deficit in technological-based companies world-wide. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the Materials Engineering or Materials Science class you will get a scope of scientific and proficient accomplishments and cognition. in add-on to other generic accomplishments such as direction. presentation accomplishments. occupational wellness and safety. The sort of occupations our alumnuss obtain scope from works directors. to research scientists. to CEOs. to advisers. to patent lawyers to con cern development directors. More information pleasee visit Material Engineering Alumni. Materials Engineering is one of the University’s strongest research performing artists. with really strong ties to industry This combination of strengths agencies you are being taught by leaders in the countries of research and industry battle. and their classs are modern. relevant and related to the existent universe. It is possible in Concluding Year undertakings or Honours. to work with companies on undertakings that are cardinal to that industry. The strong Departmental research profile means that it is besides frequently possible to acquire a scholarship ( both for local or international pupils ) in an interesting and relevant country of stuffs research if you perform good. Undergraduate research lab categories are held in the research laboratories Our Numberss and installations allow us to keep many of our practical categories in the research laboratories. where you get to utilize existent research equipment. This makes for an interesting experience and greater apprehens ion of the country. Smaller Numberss besides means you get to cognize your instructors. Analyzing stuffs can take to an international calling Materials scientific discipline and stuffs technology is a cardinal facet of most companies the universe over. In the race to do things stronger. cheaper. lighter. more functional and more sustainable. the use of stuffs. their belongingss and procedures is cardinal. This means graduates in this country can work. or do research in most states of the universe. and many of our alumnas have done merely that. What is Materials Science? – Students – Why Study Materials Science? World Wide Web. whystudymaterials. Ac. uk/students/q1. aspWhat is Materials Science?Every twenty-four hours we come into contact with many 1000s of manufactured objects that are indispensable to modern life: the vehicles that we travel in ; the apparels that we wear ; the machines in our places and offices ; the athletics and leisure equipment we use ; the computing machines and phones that we can’t unrecorded without ; and the medical engineering that keeps us alive. Everything we see and use is made from stuffs derived from the Earth: metals. polymers. ceramics. semiconducting materials and complexs. To develop the new merchandises and engineerings that will do our lives safer. more convenient. more gratifying and more sustainable we must understand how to do best usage of the stuffs we already have. and how to develop new stuffs that will run into the demands of the hereafter. Materials Scien ce and Engineering involves the survey of the construction. belongingss and behavior of all stuffs. the development of procedures to fabricate utile merchandises from them. and research into recycling and environmentally friendly disposal. The basic edifice block of all affair is the atom and there are 94 different types that occur of course on Earth. These are ‘the elements’ and include H. O. C. Si. Fe. Cu. and aluminum. All stuffs are made up of these atomic edifice blocks but differ in their microstructure: the types of atom they contain. the form in which the atoms are arranged and the manner in which the atoms are joined together. The cardinal construct in Materials Science and Engineering is that the belongingss and behavior of every stuff is dependent on its microstructure. and that microstructure can be controlled by the manner in which the stuff is made and processed. Materials Scientists test the mechanical. physical. chemical and electrical belongingss of stuffs and research how these belongingss depend on the microstructures they engineer and observe utilizing high powered microscopes. Materials Engineers apply this cognition to choose the most appropriate stuff and fabrication procedure for any given application. to foretell how a constituent will execute in service. and to look into how and why stuffs fail. The technological progresss that have transformed our universe over the last 20 old ages have been founded on developments in Materials Science and Engineering. Materials are germinating faster today than at any clip in history ; enabling applied scientists to better the public presentation of bing merchandises and to develop advanced engineerings that will heighten every facet of our lives. Materials Science and Engineering has become a cardinal subject in the competitory planetary economic system and is recognised as one of the proficient subjects with the most exciting calling chances. Glossary: Structure – how the atoms fit together. For crystalline stuffs. so this involves the size and form of the crystals ( normally called grains ) . Microstructure – construction on a little graduated table so that a microscope is needed to see it. Properties – measured behavior. such as strength. electrical conduction. stiffness or coloring material Processing – altering the form or belongingss of a piece of stuff. for case by heating it. turn overing it or stretching it.

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Plant Growth Experiments Essay Example

Plant Growth Experiments Paper They grow best in cold seasons. The group selected this study so that they can test the effects of certain mixtures or substances such as water and salt, water and sugar, water and powdered milk, against the effects of water only. The group wanted to find out if these substances would benefit or cause damage to the plants. Statement of Problem Can varying solutions enhance the growth of peachy? Hypothesis The problem under study Is whether different kinds of solutions (such as water and salt, water and sugar, water and milk) will affect the growth of plants. Their objectives are: To determine which solution will benefit peachy plants. *To make a homemade, effective fertilizer Instead of buying expensive ones Significance of the Study Since agriculture is one of the main sources of income for the people in the country, the researchers would want to determine if water mixtures would affect the growth of plants. Their study about the different mixtures, such as water with sugar, water with salt, water with oil and water with soap affecting the growth of plants is significant because this study will educate the people of the things that they do not want to water their plants with. We will write a custom essay sample on Plant Growth Experiments specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Plant Growth Experiments specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Plant Growth Experiments specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer If this study Is successful, the researchers will be able to Inform the people on how they can make their plants grow faster and the substances that would harm them. Through this experiment, we might be able to find ways of increasing the growth of the plants found in our garden. Scope and Limitations The researchers will try to determine whether different substances (water with salt, sugar, powdered milk or water only) will affect the growth of the plants. They will be allotting 2 months for us to see if the water mixtures namely water with salt, sugar, and powdered milk can affect the growth of plants. The plants in trial 1 will be receiving enough sunlight while trial 2 will not be receiving enough sunlight, watered equally and have a control set up so that we can compare the results after the time allotted for the experiment. They will not be spending as much because most of the products they will be using are found at home. They will be having a PH. 500 budget to buy materials that we will need but couldnt find them at our houses. The Independent variable will Include the plants we used In testing, water with the mixtures. The dependent variable will be the result of dealing with or experimenting nee Inaepenaenvexperlmental variable. In tens case, It will De ten amount AT sugar, salt, and powdered milk that they will mix with the water to see if these will affect the Peachy plant we will be using for our experiment. Their controlled variable will consist of the peachy plant and water. Review of Related Literature Tap Water on Plants Tap water is good for plants that need water with chlorine in it, spring water is good for carnivorous plants in order for them to grow, and bottled water is good for plants like cactuses that need mineral water to grow. Sugar on Plants Plants require three essentials, light, water and nutrients to thrive and produce optimum yield. Plants naturally produce sugars, such as glucose and sucrose. These sugars are needed to produce energy, promote growth and aide in the processes of respiration and transpiration. Sugar can also be introduced to a plant through watering to enhance growth and production. Sugar, in moderation, is not harmful to plants. If the amount of sugar in the soil becomes too high, this promotes a higher incidence of fungi and bacteria. A typical fungus that thrives on sugar is yeast. In a study at University of Southern California, here groups of bean plants were watered with different degrees of sugar water (O g, 25 g and 50 g solutions). The group of plants which had been watered with the 50 g sugar/water solution was not only the largest and strongest of the plants, they were also the healthiest and highest yielding plants. Effect of Salt Concentration on Plant Growth Many western farmers believe that soil alkali is more detrimental to crop growth during the hot weather than during the cooler seasons of the year. Other agricultural workers have noted that damage to crops due to alkali (soil salinity) is more serious in he hot interior valleys than along the coast where the climate is more moderate. It is not definitely known whether or not soil salinity concentrations are comparable between different seasons of the year or between respective areas. Yet, information on this question is pertinent to the development of management practices which would aid in ameliorating soil salinity conditions at different seasons of the year and under different climatic conditions. The results obtained in this study show that* most crops are injured by salt to a greater extent in warm than cool climates. The Effect of Water Impurities on Plant Growth The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of water impurities on the growth of plants. Each plant was put near a big window that let in a lot of sun. Two different stems from each plant were marked with bag ties. The heights of the two stems from each plant were measured. The plants were watered with 157. 6 millimeters of the solution. Each plant was watered on Thursday and Sunday. The first solution contained six millimeters of Colors bleach and 151. millimeters of water. The second solution contained 6 grams of sugar and 157. millimeters of water. The third solution contained 6 grams of salt and 157. 6 millimeters of water. On Friday and Monday the height of the stems of each plant were measured, and the height was recorder. I nerve was also a plant Tanat was watered Just Walt water, Tort ten control setup. This experiment ran for four weeks. The data was analyzed to determine which plant grew the most over that period of four weeks. The conclusions of this experiment are that the plant watered with sugar grew the most. Another conclusion is that the control (the plant watered with water) grew a little less than the plant attired with sugar. The plant watered with salt grew a little less than the control, and the plant watered with bleach grew the least amount. The reason that was discovered for why the plant watered with sugar grew the most was because when plants absorb nutrients, they turn them into some form of sugar. This plant didnt have to do that because it was already absorbing sugar. The other substances, except water, probably Just stopped the plants from growing as much. Plant Growth Experiments The instructions below outline a protocol for conducting plant growth experiments in the laboratory. You may want to make adaptations for use in a greenhouse or outdoors. Purpose: To determine the effect of compost on plant germination and growth. Materials: pots, compost, soil, seeds, light source (sunlight or artificial light) Procedure The first step is to design your own experiment. There are many possibilitiesa few ideas are listed here, but the variations are endless: 0 Test various combinations of soil and compost on plant growth. For example, you might wish to dig a soil sample from your school yard and mix it with various amounts of finished compost for planting experiments. Natural soil is better than prepackaged potting soils for experiments such as this because the potting mixes are formulated for optimal plant growth and already contain significant amounts of compost or humus. ) 0 another possibility is to mix your own potting soil by using vermiculite, sand, and compost. Creating several mixtures using the same percentages but different types of compost is a good way of comparing the influence of the various types of compost on plant growth. For example, you could compare compost at various levels of maturity, compost created using different mixtures of organic wastes, or overoptimistic versus impost created in a thermometric system. 0 if you are interested in investigating the effects of compost tea on plant growth, you could fill the pots with a sandy soil or potting medium such as vermiculite, then use compost extracts for watering. Next, whatever type of experiment you choose, make sure that you design your experiment to include replicates of the various treatments.

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Women Development Policy 2011 Essays

Women Development Policy 2011 Essays Women Development Policy 2011 Essay Women Development Policy 2011 Essay in Editorial page, The Daily Prothom Alo, A Daily Bengali Newspaper, Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 09 Sultana, Mahmuda (2011). How far the economic freedom of women? , in Naree page, The Daily Nayadiganta, A Daily Bengali Newspaper, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 15 The Constitution of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, printed with latest amendment, August 01, 2006, p. ,8,24 Yahya, Abul Fatah Muhammad (2011). Some articles and explanation of the holy Quran, in Religion and life page, The Daily Nayadiganta, A Daily Bengali Newspaper, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 25 National Women Development Policy-1997 and 2011 The Daily Nayadiganta, March-8, 9, 14, 15,21,24,25, 2011 The Daily Prothom Alo, March-8, 9, 10, 2011 The Daily Sangram, March-10, 14, 27, 30, 2011 Daily Star, The (2011). March, 8 † † † † . March, 10 † † † † . March, 12

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Australian Indigenous People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Australian Indigenous People - Essay Example This survival of a close link between religion and health helps to understand the way Australian indigenous population tends to think and act. For instance, "the eating of clay or charcoal and a range of other substances might superficially be considered bizarre or at best to be of limited adaptive value, and this is reflected in a long and continuing debate about the benefits or otherwise of geophagy" (Rowland 2002, p. 51). Many indigenous tribes suppose that their healing culture reflects a person's identity and helps him/her to recover after certain rituals. Healing practices are used in a variety of ways in reference to a number of social traditions and values (Johns and Sanders 2005). Many healing practices involve magical rituals based on sacred knowledge and beliefs. Unfortunately, most of such practices do not cure such diseases as cancer or diabetes which cause sufferings and deaths to indigenous population. Australian indigenous culture is based on a specific system of standards or rules a person attributes to the membership of the group as a result of his experience (Dudley 2004). According to cultural norms and traditions, many indigenous people reject modern health care and medical help relying on magical rituals and geophagy. (Indigenous Health 2007). Unique cultural norms and values lead Australian indigenous population to such problems as sexually transmitted diseases and alcoholism. The lack of HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and quality care on reservations has encouraged Australian indigenous population to migrate from reservations to urban areas. Indigenous population is similar to that of society at large, with men representing 82.6 percent of the cases and men who have sex with men constituting the largest segment of Australian indigenous AIDS cases, 5%. The second largest exposure category for male adult/adolescents is men who have sex with men and inject drugs, 17%. Since males account for the largest portion of AIDS cases for Australian indigenous population, and men and women who have sex with men make up the main exposure category, it is critical that we focus our attention on this population to stop the further spread of HIV/AIDS in tribal communities (Indigenous Health 2007). Lack of understanding and discriminatory treatment of two-spirit men creates an environment where HIV/AIDS can spread unimpeded. Knowledge of gender and sexual variance in indigenous societies is limited, but what is known is that some tribal communities had more than male and female genders and participated in a variety of sexual orientations (Australian Indigenous 2007). Poor health is closely connected with dietary patterns and crop technologies. In this case, diet represents "a product of human learning" which helps a person to organize his/her experience, including experience of other people (Briscoe 2005). For centuries, Australian indigenous population follows specific dietary patterns determined by cultivation practices and natural resources available to them. Critics admit that lack of minerals and vitamins is the main problem of many indigenous populations including the atrocious health. "Calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, nickel, manganese, cobalt and selenium are